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Increase traffic to your website using a smart campaign in GDN

Increase traffic to your website using a smart campaign in GDN
Julija Mazorenko
Project Manager
27 July 2018
contextual advertising.
Advertising budget:
$400 (advertising account recharge + agency commission fee).
traffic increased by 84%, conversion rate increase by 117%.

What we advertised?

The customer manufactures and supplies industrial equipment on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries. The manufactured and supplied products include pumps, electric motors, reducing gears, motor reduction units, lifting-and-conveying machines, spare parts and components for pumps, electric motors, reducers, monorail motor hoists, and winches.

Promotion objectives

Maximum targeted customer attraction to the website.

The customer task: increase the number of visits to the website. For a long time period, the traffic rate per month was unchanged. It was necessary to find ways of attracting new users to the website and increase the conversion rates.

What we did

For each category of products, presented on the website, we created a campaign in the search network (3 ads in the group + ad expansions + search remarketing) + remarketing to the audience “All website visitors.” At the customer’s request, the average position in the search network for each campaign in the account shall not go below 2.

To reach this objective, we decided to set up a Smart campaign in the CMN.

Smart campaigns in the CMN combine the best automation opportunities:

  • Efficiency in the CMN is achieved using Google’s machine learning
  • Interacts with people at all stages of the purchase cycle
  • Minimizes the necessity to spend time on campaign management.

Smart campaigns in the CMN are self-managed advertising. Using smart campaigns, advertisers can get 20% more conversions at the same price, comparing the current campaign with other campaigns in the CMN.

To set up a smart campaign in the CMN, conversion tracking should be configured. To create a smart campaign in the CMN, more than 50 conversions in the CMN or more than 100 conversions in the search network should be received over the last 30 days.

Recommendations for ad creatives:

  • 3 to 5 headlines
  • 3 to 5 ad texts
  • 3 to15 different images
  • 2+ logos (different formats)

Learning time:

  • 1 to 2 weeks for stabilization
  • 3 to 4 weeks for evaluation
  • 100 conversions per month → longer (+4 weeks) training

Budget recommendation:

20 * Target price for conversion


We prepared the following ad elements: 3 ad headlines, 3 description types and 3 images + Logo:

  • The target conversion price was set to 15 UAH, 3 weeks later, it was reduced to 13 UAH;
  • At the initial stage, the daily budget for a smart campaign in the CMN was set to 100 UAH


Five weeks later, after the smart campaign started in the CMN, the traffic to the website increased by 84%, the number of achieved conversions increased by 117% if compared with the previous same period:

The smart campaign in the CMN attracted more new users to the website:

The smart campaign was efficient enough, and besides, it did not take much time to adjust it.

We plan to increase the number of ad creatives.


Julija Mazorenko
Project Manager
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