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Increase the number of online store transactions using web push messages and keep advertising costs the same

Increase the number of online store transactions using web push messages and keep advertising costs the same
Julija Mazorenko
Project Manager
27 July 2018
contextual advertising.
Advertising budget:
$900 (advertising account recharge + agency commission fee).
setting up and creating monthly web push messages mail out, an additional channel, used to receive transactions, was established, increasing revenues.

What we advertised

The customer is the online store owner. Bags and accessories, backpacks, clutches, etc are their main merchandise. Wholesale.

Promotion objectives

Get the maximum of targeted traffic because the number of orders and sales was directly proportional to traffic intensity. More orders.

The customer task: increase the number of transactions.

What we did

We have been cooperating with the customer for more than a year. During this time, we set up a number of campaigns in the search network for priority product categories. Some of them were suspended due to their low efficiency. At the time of web push messages set up, only 5 search network campaigns worked in the account + Remarketing.

We tracked the ad campaigns efficiency using the e-commerce report in the Google Analytics account.

We created web push messages and set up their mail out using the SendPulse mailing service. The message content (text, images, etc.) was created individually, taking into account the website information, on which the customer wanted to focus their buyers’ attention.

Before starting the mail out, we had to attract subscribers – users who agreed to receive notifications (a specially generated in the SendPulse account code line had to be embedded in the website code):

The first mail out was launched a week after we started the subscriber list. The subscriber list included 549 people at the time of the first mail out.

The web push messages contained information on the product category available on the website at “Super Price”:

We chose the mail out time taking the maximum traffic on the website into account. The first mail out statistics is as follows:


It has been 6 months since the first mail out was launched. The average number of mail outs per month is 1 to 2, depending on the promotional offers availability and holidays.

Subscriber data:

During this time, we created web push messages to inform subscribers on new product arrivals at the web store, on bargain sales start, on the price change, etc. The mail-out efficiency for the past period is as follows:

Avoiding additional costs, web push messages allowed obtaining 138 transactions.

Web push messages examples:

Julija Mazorenko
Project Manager
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